Turtles on the Sulphur Gulch Trail in Parker, Colorado

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, we walked for about three miles on the Sulphur Gulch Trail in Parker, Colorado.

This is a trail that we walk on frequently.  We have seen deer, ducks, frogs, and snakes on our walks.  Today my son and I spotted turtles resting on a log in the water.  The first time we saw them they jumped in the water.  We only looked away for a second and they were gone. The second time they jumped in the water after we accidentally scared the ducks near them.

There is a blank spot on this page.  Normally I post a picture of whatever cool, memorable thing I saw.  Well today, I didn’t get that picture.  I will admit that I almost didn’t even include this in the journal because it would be missing the photo.  I’ll get the picture some other time, but today I got so much more – and that’s what Our Fun Pass is about.

We were both really excited about seeing the turtles even though it was just for a second.  They disappeared so quick that we checked with each other to make sure we really saw the turtles.  We laughed together.  We shared a moment or two that was memorable.  

We didn’t travel far for the experience, spend any money, or plan anything.  Today was a good reminder how precious these moments are.

Visit the Official Sulphur Gulch Trail page to learn more about the trail.