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Welcome to our fun pass

About fun

Time changes everything – including us. So as time has gone on we have grown. 
We have grown as individuals, as a family, and as a webpage. Our Fun Pass is not just about fun. It is about connection and community.

Our Why

We want to help you explore, save money, and have fun.

We share a variety of experiences with a focus on educational, nature-oriented, and creative experiences.

We share budget-friendly experiences. We believe fun doesn’t need to be expensive, fancy or complicated.

We share the fun. We love the things we do. We want to pass the fun onto you. This is Our Fun Pass.

The Trip that inspired it all

Our trip was going to be to a Colorado State Park camping at a beautiful lakeside campsite. The trip ended up being full of changes of plans, moments of adventure, and fun. 

We were inspired.

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Ready. Set. Go have some fun!