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Our Trip To Denver With Free RTD Rides

RTD Free Rides July - August 2023

There are free RTD services, buses, and trains, in July and August (2023) as part of their Zero Fare for Better Air initiative.

We are excited about riding the trains and buses for free to places we want to go. Yesterday we took the RTD to Denver for the Molly Brown House


Here is our transportation journey:

  • Drove to RTD Lincoln Station. 
  • Took the E Line from Lincoln Station to Union Station
  • Took the Free Mall Ride from Union Station to Civic Center Station
  • Walked from Civic Center Station to Molly Brown House (15-minute walk)

We then did the reverse to get back home.

The RTD rides were free thanks to the Zero Fare for Better Air. The Molly Brown House tickets were free because we were able to get them as part of a local library program. It was a fun day out with looking out the window time, walking through Civic Center Park, and making memories.

We plan to use the RTD Zero Fare for Better Air program to visit Denver through a combination of free admission days and library passes. Some of our future trips will be the Denver Art Museum, History Colorado Center, Denver Firefighters Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Colorado State Capitol (tour)


This post is not endorsed or sponsored by RTD in any way. Prior to COVID, we took the trains often for our adventures. The kids were much younger. It was a day into the city by a train. It was the ultimate adventure of which we have fond memories of. 

Where are you taking RTD trains and buses to?

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