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Colorado – States Visited

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Fort

Colorado is not only a state we have visited but the state we live in. It is on the list because it is a place that we have had an opportunity to learn about, visit places, and experience. We moved here in 2008. It was a somewhat random yet calculated move.

Things We Like About Colorado

  • Weather. The snow melts quickly in the winter. Many people think of Colorado as a place that gets a ton of snow. We do get a bunch but it melts quickly. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.
  • View. The mountains off in the distance. It was night when we flew into Denver when we moved here. The darkness hid the mountains off in the distance. It was an amazing view as the daylight came. Yes, we moved here without visiting. Wow, I know.
  • Walkability. The walkability in the town we live in. It is nice to be able to walk to the library, food store, and local parks. The walkability of Denver is great too! We have been able to use our car on a minimal basis when well planned. 

Top Three Attractions That We Recommend
– Garden of the Gods
– Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site
– Red Rocks – Concert Venue and Park

Airport We Have Used
Denver International Airport (DIA)

Mass Transit We Have Used
RTD trains and buses

There is always a festival, concert, or something fun happening since the Denver Metro Area is a larger city.

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