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National Park System Sites

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Fort

The National Park System includes a combination of National Historic Sites, National Historical Parks, and more. The stats from the NPS web page list 424 individual units covering more than 85 million acres in all 50 states.

We have been to two.  We do tend to focus on places that are closest to us.  We probably need to get out more – or further once in awhile. 

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site - La Junta, Colorado

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Post

Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site in La Junta, Colorado is a reconstructed 1840s trading post. This site often historians recreating daily life at the fort, guided tours and demonstrations. 

Learn more about Bent’s Old Fort National Site.

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site - Eads, Colorado

Sand Creek Massacre Site in Eads, Colorado is one of the most profound places we have visited. We watched and learned about the massacre prior to visiting but standing upon the land this happened was full of emotion – anger, sadness, and somewhere in there hope.

Visit the Official Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site to learn more.

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