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Reflections at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado

On Friday, March 25, 2022, we went to Chatfield Colorado State Park in Littleton, Colorado.

We had not been to this park in a long time.  I wanted to visit the visitor’s center first in search of a magnet to add to my magnet collection.  We drove in that direction but I got distracted by a pond that had a sidewalk along the outside portion of it.

We pulled into the Kingfisher Pond parking lot.  

There was a path that led to the mud – I mean water.  The many, many bugs greeted us. We opted for higher ground with a sidewalk and less bugs.  The walk became a lot more pleasant and relaxing from there.

The reflection of the trees in the water was amazing!  The view reminded me of a Bob Ross painting.  I remember watching Bob Ross on PBS in my younger days.  He would use a paintbrush to pull down the trees into the water to create a reflection.  

Bob Ross would say “We don’t make mistakes — we just have happy accidents.”  This quote referred to beauty of life through imperfections.  It makes sense now.  He knew that even if he made a “mistake” something beautiful would come out of it.  I think sometimes not being so attached to what something must look like, something even more beautiful comes from it.

I totally forgot the magnet.  It wasn’t a mistake.  It was just a happy accident.

Visit the Official Chatfield State Park page to learn more about the park, amenities, and wildlife.