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Almost Spring at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado

On Sunday, March 13, 2022, I went to Cherry Creek Colorado State Park in Aurora, Colorado.

I discovered a new trail that was near the Wetland Loop parking area.  Once I got to the water I took a left to walk along the dirt trail.

There were some trees down along the path.  I wasn’t sure if they were down as a way of the park saying trail closed or it was just nature at work.  I asked a couple about the trees – turns out it was nature at work.

The scenery along the trail was brown, dry, and somewhat dreary.  My visit to this park was one week before spring was officially about to start.  I love the summer!  I tend to get impatient with how long it takes before summer appears every year.  While I was walking along, I noticed how many different shades of brown, golden-ish color were surrounding me.  Even in this lack of colorfulness there was still color – just had to look a little harder to see it.  I imagined the changes that were taking places in the environment that I just couldn’t see yet – but I would soon. 

There is something magical about being on the verge of a change.  You know it’s coming.  The anticipation of it all.

Visit the Official Cherry Creek State Park page to learn more about the park, amenities, and wildlife.