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States Visited So Far

The Perfect Trip


Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

We live in Colorado so, yes, we are permanent visitors. We have been as far north as Wyoming, east as Kansas, south as Alamosa, and west as Durango.

There are so many places to explore in Colorado that we could never see them all, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.


It’s been awhile since we were there. The Cypress Gardens theme park we visited has been replaced by Legoland which we have not visited yet. The natural parks outrank the theme parks, in my opinion. Some favorite parks in Florida include Fort De Soto Park, Lettuce Lake Park, and Lithia Springs Park.

We drove through Illinois on the way to New York. What did we stop at? Wal-Mart. It was along the trip that it was discovered that someone in the car (not me!) did not bring clothes that were needed. This trip in Illinois was a stop to get out of the car, away from each other for a moment, and get clothes. 

What We Wanted To Do But Did Not: We wanted to stop in Chicago for pizza but hit the area in rush hour without a plan so did not proceed. I’m from New York so I wanted to try the second best pizza. I have had pizza in the Chicago airport but that doesn’t count. I envisioned a non-chain small pizza place, such as Pequod’s Pizza. If you are from Chicago, what do you recommend? Seriously, contact me and let me know. I owe someone a pizza due to my detour.


We have driven through Kansas a few times. The last time I decided to wait on getting gas. This is what I do. There’s people who see half a tank and fill up. Then there’s other people, like me, who see half a tank and calculate how many miles they can go. While driving through Kansas, I decided to get off an exit to get gas. Not knowing where I was, a gas station was, or if we would end up sleeping in the car in the middle of nowhere (which we didn’t), I came across Konza Prairie at sunset. It was beautiful. This very simple and almost unnoticeable from the road spot made driving through Kansas totally worth it.


We spent what felt like a very long time driving through Nebraska. We went this way hoping to avoid the what feels like endless drive through Kansas. What did we see in Nebraska? Corn. More corn. And even more corn.

It was time for me to pull out my favorite corny jokes (pun intended) on I-80. The pointing of corn ended up being the joke. At some point, we realized we were probably ready for time out of the car and losing it. This was the time.

We also passed what was the sign for a Testicle Festival in Ashland, Nebraska. We had never heard of this type of festival and speculated what it might be. It, fortunately, was not what we thought.

Growing up in New York is a little different than visiting again as adult. Some of the places I enjoyed growing up included Rockland Lake, Seven Lakes Drive, and Bear Mountain State Park. I can smell the charcoal BBQs in the parks as I type this. It’s a vibe for sure. 

Over the most recent summer, we went camping at Mongaup Pond. There are not as many lightening bugs in Colorado so seeing them brought me back to being a kid. The experience of camping in the same state with my kids that I had camped many times as a kid brought back many memories and emotions. 

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