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Hammond’s Candy Factory Tour in Denver, Colorado

5735 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80216

Hammond’s Candies is a Denver-based candy retail store and factory.  They opened in 1920.  Now they make over 10 million candy canes a year.  You can watch the candy being made on the Hammond’s Factory Tour!  The factory is near the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.

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Hammond's Factory Tour

Hammond’s is at 5735 Washington Street, Denver, Colorado 80216.

Hammond’s Factory Tour is free.  The tour is about 30 minutes long.  You are given a delicious treat at the end of the tour.

Tours are Monday through Saturday from 9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Visit the Book Your Tour page on Hammond’s website to schedule your tour.  Alternatively, you can call the store at 303-333-5588 extension 110. 15

Our Hammond's Candy Factory Tour Experience

We visited Four Mile Historic Park a few months earlier.  At the gift shop, they sell Hammond’s Candy.  It was here that we learned about the tour.  There was  root beer candy for sale as a yummy souvenir.  The candy was so good wanted to learn more about the factory.

Scheduling the tour was quick, easy, and free!

Our tour started at the scheduled time.  We were asked to take a seat in the video viewing area.  The video explained how Hammond’s began with one entrepreneur.  As time went on, Hammond’s grew and has since even acquired other brands.  

The video had trivia questions. We had fun guessing the answers.

We were guided to the factory area.  From behind the Plexiglas, we watched employees make candy.  It was interesting to watch all of the machines they used.  They worked quickly and accurately.   The teamwork between employees was amazing!  We learned a lot of interesting facts during the tour.

Everyone was given a piece of candy at the end of the tour.  We were each given a candy cane.  It was broken, but tasty regardless.

Hammond's Retail Store

Hammond’s sells candy, clothing, magnets, and mugs. There is a section along the back wall where you can mix and match candy.  

Hammond's Webpage

We really enjoyed the tour, but we understand not everyone can make the trip to Denver.  It is okay.  You can order products, including Hammond Candy Canes, online at

Learn More About Hammond's Candies

Video Inside The Largest Handmade Candy Factory | MADE HERE | Popular Mechanics from the Popular Mechanics YouTube Channel

This 11-minute video, How Candy Is Made, shows employees making candy canes, marshmallows, and lollipops in the Hammond Candy Factory in Denver, Colorado.