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Cherry Creek Park Flooding – Walk in Nature

The Cherry Creek Park experienced flooding last week from all of the rain in the Denver Metro Area. We went to see what was happening at our favorite Colorado State Park. We have been anticipating ladybugs, flowers, and butterflies. I think we were too early to see those things easily. We were surprised by the changed landscape since our last visit.

This photo is part of a trail that was flooded. It wasn’t a very large section of the trail but if you look to the right that area is flooded too.  It was a reminder of how nature is, in fact, in charge and creates ever changing beauty.  

The fishing piers were flooded with stairs leading into the water, not the land. There were baby ducks floating along where the volleyball net was. There were a couple of places where we got our feet wet, took a detour, and paused at the calmness of life.

Get the latest park updates from the Official Colorado State Park – Cherry Creek page. As of today, May 21, 2023, the boat ramps are closed. 

Post update: The water has receded at Cherry Creek State Park. The park is now accessible through the regular paths that were blocked off before. I’m glad we had a chance to see the transformation!

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