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Work With Us

We look forward to creating partnerships that benefit our readers.

About Us

Our Fun Pass was created in 2021 to share our adventures, and help other people find their own.

  • We are a primarily a travel blog.
  • We focus on events, attractions, lodging, products, and services.
  • We are located in the Denver Metro Area.
  • We like to explore the world around us.

Working Together

We are interested in forming partnerships that provide value to our readers.

Calendar:  Our readers are looking for events to attend!  We can put your event on our calendar.

Blog Posts:  We can create a blog post that benefits our readers.

  • Reviews:  Our readers enjoy great content!  We can do an honest review of your product or service to share with our readers.  Areas of interest include camping products, lodging (hotel, motel, campground, AirBNB, tiny house), attractions, and events.
  • Discounts:  Our readers enjoy saving money! We can share discount codes and savings programs with our readers.

Don’t see your idea listed here?  Contact us to see to discover how we can work together.

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