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Dart Wars in Colorado

Do you have a Nerf fan in your house?  Dart Wars is the place for you!  The indoor temperature-controlled environment lets you have fun while being physically active.  

Dart Wars now has two locations! There is one in North Colorado Springs and one in South Colorado Springs. We have not been to the south location since it relocated. Spring break is coming up though! We hope to visit it soon.

The Dart Wars in North Colorado Springs is at 13280 Touchstone View, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921. It is off of I-25 on Exit 156 for North Gate Boulevard. It’s near the Museum of Mining & Industry, Bass Pro Shops, Topgolf, and iFLY Indoor Skydiving.

The Dart Wars in South Colorado Springs is at 3958 North Academy Boulevard #103, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

Dart Wars offers family-friendly Open Play that allows ages five and over to play.  There are other theme gameplay options with different age requirements, such as Humans Versus Zombies (10+), Among Us (10+), and Extreme Night (13+).  Some of the theme gameplay options require reservations. Each location has different events with the South Colorado Springs location having more right now.

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Arriving At Dart Wars

You will see the counter as soon as you enter where you pay and choose a Nerf blaster if you haven’t brought your own.   You will learn what time your briefing will take place.  The briefing is where you watch a short video about gameplay rules, safety rules, receive safety glasses, and your team color sash.

Towards the right, there is a window that is the Pro Shop.  My kids enjoyed spending some time watching the technician fix a Nerf blaster.  

What A Nerf Battle Is Like

The Nerf battle arena consists of barricades that are of varying heights.  Some have cutouts for you to put the Nerf blaster through.  There are barricades near the wall that are tall, which are great for adults.  

The game starts by splitting participants into two teams.  Each team has a plastic sash that helps you see who is on your team and who’s not.  The Nerf battles last for three to five minutes each.  There are different types of game modes so that it stays exciting.

There is a normal game mode where each team plays until there are no more opponents left. 

Capture The Flag – The Capture The Flag game mode starts with a flag in the middle of the arena.  The goal is to get the flag over to the other teams’ wall.  If you have the flag and then get hit, you have to drop the flag where it is.  Then the referee will pick up the flag.  From there, a player has to get to it.  The process continues until someone gets to the opponent’s wall.

VIP mode – The VIP game mode starts with each team secretly picking a VIP.  The VIP is decided upon quietly and discreetly so that the opposing team does not see who the VIP is.  The gameplay continues until the opposing team gets the VIP with their NERF projectile.  

Tag – Each team picks someone on their team to be the hostage.  The hostage stands near but not directly next to the opposing teams’ wall.  A teammate has to tag the hostage then the hostage has to make it to the team wall.

About The Nerf Blasters

You can bring your own Nerf blasters if you have one.  Some guidelines help keep everything fair and everyone safe.  

If you have a modified Nerf blaster, it must shoot under 130 Feet Per Second for Open Play.  Higher powered Nerf blasters of up to 160 Feet Per Second are allowed for Adventure night.

You do not need to bring your projectiles. There are Nerf Darts (mega and regular), Disks, and Rival Balls. There is a pod in the middle of the arena where you stock up on projectiles and prepare between rounds. During the game, you can easily find them scattered around the floor to reload.

Ultra series, Hyper series and Mega darts are not allowed. Dart Wars does not have the darts for those types of blasters.

Hours Of Operation

The hours do seem to change based on if it is summer or during the school year.  There are a lot of special theme days too.  I would recommend checking their webpage for gameplay times and themes.

Right now, they do have homeschool days, which are perfect for bringing the homeschool community together.

Dart Wars Pricing

There are a few different pricing options based on how long you want to play and if you need a blaster.  Pricing starts at $17 for one hour of play and $25 for two hours of playtime if you have your own blaster.  

We purchased the Family Pass for $75, which allows the entire family two visits to Dart Wars within 30 days. There is a two-hour max per visit limitation.  We found two hours was more than enough time for us.  This pass does assume you have your own blasters, which we did. 

The Official Dart Wars page has the different pricing options, passes and birthday party options

Partial View Of Battle Arena At Dart Wars In Colorado Springs
Dart Wars in South Colorado Springs

Why I Love Dart Wars

It’s simple. Dart Wars is one of the few activities that my kids will eagerly wake up early for, be ready before I am, and ask me if I’m ready. For most activities, I’m pushing them to get ready and trying to keep some momentum going with the hope to make it there eventually.

We have gone to this Dart Wars twice.  I’m not good with loading, aiming, or just using the blaster. I didn’t think I would have fun the first time, but I did! 

During our first visit, my oldest son handed me one of the blasters and said I could figure it out. I couldn’t. I felt like that person asking their kids to set the time on the VCR. Before the next round, my son gave me a quick lesson about the safety button.

It’s a fun day out for me.  Dart Wars lets me do something that is out of my comfort zone. My kids are the experts at Dart Wars. I am the Nerf beginner. It reminds me that confidence sometimes takes time and practice. I appreciate my kids being patient with me when we are there.

Learn More About Dart Wars

In 2015, Fox21 News visited Dart Warz.  This 3-minute video ‘Dart Warz’ in Colorado Springs from the FOX21 News YouTube Channel gives you a preview of what to expect on your trip there.  It looks like they had a blast – a NERF blast!