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Cheyenne Depot Museum

121 West 15th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-632-3905

The Cheyenne Depot Museum is in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The museum is within the former Union Pacific Depot, a National Historic Landmark.  Outside of the museum is the Cheyenne Depot Plaza, which contains art and signage that explains Cheyenne’s history. 

The Cheyenne Depot Museum is a two-story museum with interactive exhibits, a giant model railroad exhibit, and artwork. You can hear a self-guided audio tour from your cell phone.

About the Cheyenne Depot Museum

The museum hours are: 
Sunday              11 am – 3 pm
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday              9 am – 3 pm

$10  – Adults
$ 9   – 60+ and Military
$ 5   – Ages 13 – 18
Free – Kids 12 and under 

Giant Model Train Exhibit

The giant model train exhibit was one of the highlights of our visit.  We went to the upper level of the museum. We were still determining what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised.  On the top floor of the museum was a giant model train exhibit.  The exhibit went along the right side of the room.  It zig-zagged throughout with detailed model trees, buildings, and scenes of towns located in Colorado and Wyoming.

My kids were fascinated with the size and spent a lot of time looking at the exhibit.  Due to COVID, the model train was not running, but that didn’t dissuade their interest. They found a dinosaur inside a model building.  Although that wasn’t historically accurate, they were excited about the hidden “Easter egg” they found.

Interactive Model Train Exhibit

There is a model train table that allows you to control the speed of the train.  There were tunnels and model buildings.  My kids had fun hiding the train in the tunnel and stopping at the “stations” to pick up imaginary passengers.  They had a lot of fun while the train looped around the table.

Planning To Go Back

We had so much fun we planned to return before we even left.  The interactive exhibits are well worth the two-hour drive from Denver!