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Castlewood Canyon State Park in Franktown, Colorado

2989 South Highway 83
Franktown, CO 80116
Phone: 303-688-5242
Admission Fee: Daily Vehicle Pass: $10; Annual Affixed Pass: $83; Other Options Available
Sunday: Sunrise to Sunset
Monday: Sunrise to Sunset
Tuesday: Sunrise to Sunset
Wednesday: Sunrise to Sunset
Thursday: Sunrise to Sunset
Friday: Sunrise to Sunset
Saturday: Sunrise to Sunset

Castlewood Canyon State Park is a part of the Colorado State Park System.  This 2,628-acre park in Franktown, Colorado, offers a waterfall, canyon walls, and remanents of a homestead.  We enjoy the combination of kid-friendly hikes and geology.

Castlewood Canyon State Park - Table of Contents

Entering Castlewood Canyon State Park

There are two entrances to enter Castlewood Canyon State Park.  State park staff members at the entrances gates.  If for some reason, there is not staff at the entrance, there are digital kiosks that allow you to purchase a day and/or annual park pass.

The annual affixed pass is $83, which allows you access to all of the parks in the Colorado State Park System. Are you looking for a discounted pass?   Veterans, individuals over 64 years old, and income-eligible individuals have additional pass options.  Visit the Official Colorado State Park Entrance Pass Information page to learn more.  

  • Main Entrance – The main entrance is at 2989 South State Highway 83, Franktown, CO, 80116.  You can take I-25 to Castle Rock, exit onto Founders Parkway eastbound. Take Founders Parkway to Hwy 86, go east on Hwy 86 four miles to Franktown. Turn South on Hwy 83 (S. Parker Rd) and go five miles south to the main park entrance.
  • West Entrance – The west entrance is at 125 N Castlewood Canyon Rd, Castle Rock, CO 80104. Turn south onto Castlewood Canyon Road (County Rd 51) from State Hwy 86 approximately half a mile west of State Hwy 83.S

What You Can Do At Castlewood Canyon State Park

Some of these activities may be seasonal, require an additional fee or have limitations and/or restrictions.  We recommend checking with the park for additional information, such as safety equipment, hours, locations within the park, and any potential hazards that may exist.



Unique Feature:  Day-Use Only


Castlewood Canyon State Park has more than 13 miles of trails.  The Castlewood Canyon State Park Map displays the trail locations, lengths, and limitations of each trail.

Some of the trails we have enjoyed include:

East Canyon Trail

The East Canyon trail brings you under the Bridge To Nowhere then loops you back to the beginning of the trail.  The terrain is much rougher than the Falls Spur Trail.  The view includes various angles of the Bridge To Nowhere and the canyon walls. The trail is marked by stacked rocks and logs. 

My hike on this trail was not planned.  I was in the parking lot to photograph the bridge from the Bridge Canyon Overlook.  Both the Bridge Canyon Overlook and East Canyon trail can be accessed from the first parking lot (right side) after the Main Entrance.

After reaching the Bridge Canyon Overlook, I saw the East Canyon Trailhead marked as four miles. I decided to walk the trail a bit to see where it went and explore a little. Prairie Lizards were hiding amongst the rocks. I reached the bridge area and was not sure where to go. I decided to head back to the beginning of the trail. Along the way, I ran into a gentleman who explained to me that the trail allows you to go under the bridge. I plan on hiking the trail again soon!

The East Canyon trail is 4 miles long. The trail is marked as moderate difficulty. This is an unpaved trail with uneven terrain.

Photograph of Bridge To Nowhere At Castlewood Canyon State Park in Franktown, Colorado

Falls Spur Trail

The Falls Spur trail brings you to the waterfall.  The waterfall is not very large compared to other waterfalls in the Colorado, but it is beautiful.  The most direct way to access the trail is to enter the park through the West Entrance.  From there, follow the road to the end.  There will be a parking lot on the left side labeled Falls Spur Parking Lot.  There are multiple picnic tables near the parking lot.  If you are looking from the parking lot to the trail, you will want to head toward the right to access the Falls Spur trail.

The trail is 0.17-miles long. This unpaved trail is moderately difficult. There is a picnic table along the path, which offers is an excellent spot for lunch in the shade.

Castlewood Canyon State Park Waterfall

Tips For Visiting

  • Visitor CenterThere is a Visitor Center at the Main Entrance. There is not a Visitor Center at the West Entrance.  The Visitor Center has guides for the wildlife in Castlewood Canyon State Park available for sale.  The Visitor Center did not have magnets for Castlewood Canyon State Park when we visited in July 2021.
  • Plan Your Hike – I am guilty of not planning my hike.  I decided to explore and turned around in fear of getting lost and not knowing where to go.  I sat in my car watching a few other people walk up to the trail sign shrugging their shoulders while looking confused.  The Castlewood Canyon State Park map will help you plan. There are various trails, most of which connect to make larger loops. 
  • Colorado Park Passport – The Colorado State Park System offers a Colorado Park Passport.  You can ask for this free passport at the Visitor Center or the regular admission gate.  The park passport is a small booklet that lists information about each park.  The park rangers can stamp the booklet at each park.  Once you collect all of the stamps, you can send the park passport in for a free prize!