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17 Mile House Farm Park

8181 South Parker Road
Centennial, Colorado 80016
Phone: 720-874-6540
Admission Fee: Free
Sunday: Dawn to Dusk
Monday: Dawn to Dusk
Tuesday: Dawn to Dusk
Wednesday: Dawn to Dusk
Thursday: Dawn to Dusk
Friday: Dawn to Dusk
Saturday: Dawn to Dusk

17 Mile House Farm Park is a 155-year-old farm in Centennial that offers special events, trails, tours, and history.  This is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by locals as they pass by it on Parker Road.  In 1983, the 17 Mile House Farm was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There is no charge to visit the farm park, which is located at at 8181 South Parker Road, Centennial, Colorado 80016.

At the entrance, there is a small parking lot, porta-potty, and signage.  Each of the structures have a short description.

Table of Contents

Welcome Sign at 17 Mile House Farm Park

Welcome To 17 Mile Farm House

The park sign explains the history of the park:

This old farm house has stories to tell . . 

During the 1860s and 1870s, gold-seekers and settlers flocked to Colorado’s Rockies, many of them passing by this farm on the Cherokee and Smoky Hill trails.  Early owners operated an inn here – one of six “mile houses” along Cherry Creek.  How much farther to the frontier town of Denver?  Just 17 miles to Colfax and Broadway. 

With arrival of the railroad in 1882, pioneer traffic along the wagon trails ended – so did the need for the mile houses.  But the name stuck.  For over 100 years, hardworking Coloradans lived on the land here at 17 Mile House.

A Home for Generations

The earliest home here dates back to 1860 – a log structure measuring just 17 feet by 27 feet.  Over time, residents added on to accommodate their needs, building up and out, covering over the log house.  The farmhouse, barn and other buildings you see today look much as they did in the late 19th century.

Life Along the Creek

On Colorado’s arid plains, creeks and rivers meant life to native people and homesteaders.  

Trails at 17 Mile House Farm Park

I decided to stop by one day on my way home to learn about the history of the farm and take a few pictures during sunset.

There is a trail that starts at the park and leads to the Cherry Creek Trail System.  This makes the park a great day out to first see the farm then walk the trails.  I arrived at the park hoping to get some sunset pictures, which I did.  I didn’t have a lot of time to explore the trails.  There were signs leading the way to the trail.  Along my quick exploration, I did pass by a few benches.

Structures at 17 Mile House Farm Park

Loafing Shed – The original pole-barn structure was constructed in the early 1880s.  This humble building was once much larger — an important feature that sheltered livestock for the ranchers and farms of 17 Mile House.

Windmill – Installed in the early 1880s, the original “Dempster” that stood here measured 36 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter.  It served to water livestock.  Windmills accelerated settlement of the West by pumping water long before electricity or diesel fuel were available.

Cherry Creek Grange No. 58 – There was no signage explaining the grange.  I did find some information online after I got home.  It appears that the Grange Hall was destroyed to make way for new development in the area.  The City of Littleton offers information about granges and the Cherry Creek Grange.

Rules at 17 Mile House Farm Park

We do recommend contacting the park directly for any updates or questions at 720-874-6540.  The park rules and regulations from the park sign are listed below:

  • Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk
  • Beware of private property boundaries.
  • Dogs must be on leash.
  • Hunting, camping, and open fires are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles on trails are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles on trails are prohibited.
  • Destruction of public property is prohibited.