Welcome to Our Fun Pass!  We share our life, adventures, and memories.

We are not perfect people or people who have this thing called life all figured out.  We are a family trying to do our best with what we have.

Our goal is to spend time together exploring the world around us – and to help you do it too.

Sharing Our Life

Our Fun Pass isn’t “just” a travel blog to us. 

It is a place for us to share the story of our family – and our life. The decision to create Our Fun Pass was complex.  

We considered whether trying to document and share our experiences would take away from them.  Did we want to spend our free time creating posts, editing photographs, and marketing our family?  Or did we want to have fun and keep it to ourselves?  There were a lot of variables for us to consider before sharing our life.

Our Why

We decided to share our adventures to inspire others to explore the world around them.

It is easy to imagine that exotic vacation to some faraway land.  You could envision a private island with dolphins swimming around.  

Our Why is to remind you that there are magical places all around us, and we want to help you find places to go.

Our adventures aren’t always glamorous or thrilling.  More often than not, they don’t even go as planned.  We try to get lost as often as possible.  We discover the most laughter, adventure, and memories in these moments.

We encourage you to try it whenever possible!

Lory State Park Waterfall Trail

Our Favorite Posts (so far)

Our Bucket List – We made a bucket list.  We dreamed big!  We included destinations in Colorado, throughout the United States, and outside of the United States.  Our goal is to see new places and try new things whenever possible.

Our Colorado State Park Bucket List – We want to visit every Colorado State Park and Fishery, and we are slowly making our way through all the parks and being tourists in our state – and we love it!

Our Perfect Trip – This was our first multi-day trip when we started Our Fun Pass. We learned a few things about planning, memories, and being grateful.