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Our Fun Pass is a result of 100s of hours of hard work, planning, and dedication.  Marie has created Our Fun Pass to help individuals, families and groups create memories that are unique, affordable, and accessible.

The Story

Marie grew up in New York State.  She spent weekends camping with her family.  Marie has fond memories of tubing down the Beaverkill River, fly fishing, and catching tadpoles.  She went on hayrides, played tetherball, and spent nights playing pinball while listening to the jukebox.   

She moved to Florida after high school and then back to New York – then back to Florida.  Her life has been everything other than a straight line.  Her journey has been more like a 3-year-old drawing with a crayon –  all over the place.  It hasn’t always been pretty, but it has been unique.

Marie moved to Colorado about ten years ago.  There have been moments of struggle.  She has gone to the food bank, not had a car, walked her kids to daycare in the snow.  Marie developed her “free finder” skills out of necessity.  There were many free and low-cost things around her.  She was determined to find them.

Her past struggles do not define her.  They help her remember that we are all in a different place mentally, physically, and financially.  

The Constants

There have been many changes.  There have also been constants.  These are the things Marie has learned to keep close to her heart.  These are the things that are part of her.

Marie has a passion for photography.  She enjoys capturing those moments that are fleeting and making them timeless. When Marie looks through the lens, the world around her transforms.  She notices the light, details, and beauty that surround her.  There becomes magic in the ordinary.  

Marie believes that learning is a lifelong process.  She  went from dabbling in web design to becoming highly proficient in it.  There was a lot of learning and determination.  She enjoys the technical, creative, and problem-solving aspects of web design.

Marie has a love for nature, wildlife, and the outdoors.  She enjoys waking up in the morning, going outside, and listening to the birds sing.  She feels the most inner peace outdoors with nature.  Marie explores parks and trails on a mission to discover wildlife. 

These constants are the reason why she looks forward to working on Our Fun Pass.  She gets to do the things she enjoys the most and help other people at the same time.

Hopes, Dreams, And In Between

Marie believes anything is possible.

She is starting her own business.  Her goal is to do the things she enjoys the most.  She wants to provide services that people need to make their life happier and healthier. 

Marie's Favorite Post

Cherry Creek State Park Wetland Preserve Trail

Marie wants to visit every state park and hatchery in Colorado.  She is updating the parks as she goes.  Read more about the parks she’s been to at Our Colorado State Park Bucket List.


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