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The list ended up being much longer than we had originally realized. There are many Places that we have been to. We created some criteria for a place to be on this list. 

The criteria to be on the list of Other Places is:

  • Revisitablity. We want to go back. The place was so enjoyable that we wanted to go return or wished we could. 
  • Affordable. The place was affordable and reasonably priced – or there was a great deal somewhere.
  • Value. More importantly than just being “cheap,” the value it added to our life through learning, experience, or memories was worth more than we could ever afford.
  • Unique. The place was engaging in some way either by location, visually, or how we related to it. 
[Last update: 04/18/2023] 

1. Westerly Creek Park, Denver, Colorado

2. Southlands, Aurora, Colorado

3. Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, Boulder, Colorado

4. Dart Wars, North Colorado Springs, Colorado

5. Parker Farmers Market, Parker, Colorado

6. Marjorie Park, Greenwood Village, Colorado

7. Wings Over the Rockies, Denver, Colorado

8. Vallecito Lake, Bayfield, Colorado

9. Pagosa Springs, Colorado

10. Cherokee Ranch & Castle, Sedalia, Colorado

11. Blanca Vista Park, Alamosa, Colorado

12. O’Brien Park, Parker, Colorado

13. Bellewood Park, Aurora, Colorado

14. Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado

15. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Commerce City, Colorado

16. Denver Zoo, Denver, Colorado

17. Downtown Aquarium, Denver, Colorado

18. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

19. Sky Zone, Parker, Colorado

20. Utah Park, Aurora, Colorado

21. Boondocks Food & Fun, Parker, Colorado

22. Railbender Skate & Tennis Parker, Parker, Colorado

23. Riva Ridge Park, Parker, Colorado

23. The PACE Center, Parker, Colorado

24. Cherry Creek Trail 

24. Aurora Reservoir, Aurora, Colorado

25. Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado

26. Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado

27. O’Brien Pool, Parker, Colorado

28. Red-Tailed Hawk Park, Aurora, Colorado

30. Four Mile Historic Park, Denver, Colorado

31. DeLaney Community Farm, Aurora, Colorado

32. Morrison Nature Center, Aurora, Colorado

33. Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming

34. Cheyenne Depot Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming

35. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

36. Jewell Wetlands Park, Aurora, Colorado

37. Quincy Reservoir, Aurora, Colorado

38. Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado

39. Hudson Gardens, Littleton, Colorado 

40. Union Station, Denver, Colorado

41. Littleton Museum, Littleton, Colorado

  • Revisitablity. We have been to this park so many times. There are still more trails to walk on and picnics to have. 
  • Affordable. Colorado State Residents can get the Keep Colorado Wild Pass for $29 when they renew their car registration.
  • Value. The park offers a marina, playground, bike paths, picnic tables, and a beach. There is also fishing (check permit requirements) and camping (reservation required).
  • Unique. As a Colorado non-native, one of my favorite parts of this park is the beach. There are a few state parks in Colorado that have them. This is one of them!
  • Revisitablity. The tiny frogs. We have seen them there once so far and would love to see them again.
  • Affordable. It’s free. 
  • Value. The park has a trail that connects to Cherry Creek Trail which can bring you down to Parker and north to Denver. There are stops along the way like the 17 Mile House.
  • Unique. The boardwalk, educational area, and large stepping stones create unique experiences within the park. In the warmer months, there are often kids playing in the stream. Please follow safety rules that are there.

44. City Park, Denver, Colorado

  • Revisitablity. The view around the path will change throughout the seasons. We also want to try renting a paddleboat.
  • Affordable. Free. Parking within the park is free too.
  • Value. We saw ducks, heard kids laughing, and watched people enjoy this local treasure.
  • Unique. The park is next to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Great day out!

45. Dart Wars, South Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Revisitablity. We have been to this location once so far. We hope to visit on Homeschool Day soon! 
  • Affordable. There are  options starting at $17/hour. Want to play more? Check out the monthly passes.
  • Value. A day of seeing the kids run around happy doing the thing they love. Priceless.
  • Unique. This is a great day in for the kids to do Nerf – not in the house. Cool seating area for adults and non-players.

46. Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS), Denver, Colorado

  • Revisitablity. There is always a rotating special exhibit (ticket may be required). We just saw the Bugs exhibit. 
  • Affordable. We usually go on free days.
  • Value. Many interactive exhibits to learn. Great for all ages!
  • Unique. There is an (not included) IMAX, planetarium, and special ticket events. This is next to City Park which is great for a picnic and a stroll through the park.

47. Hammond's Candies - Denver, Colorado

  • Revisitablity. They said they make different candy at different times. We haven’t been back yet, but it would be interesting if they were making something else next time. 
  • Affordable. Free tour! Signup ahead of time.
  • Value. This was a fun outing that we did the Hammond’s Tour then went to Rocky Mountain Arsenal to see Bison! 
  • Unique. It is a great learning experience to see how candy is made and how many people work together to make it. 

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