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Our Fun Pass

Summer Vacation Mode Activated

This week I turned in my last assignment for graduate school. Yay!!!!!  Summer vacation mode activated. There’s 24 days until back to school shopping, school supplies, and a new schedule when the kids go back to school. We are going to have some fun between now and then! But first, I’m going to rest for

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Road Trip (Rewind) – What I Learned

Over the summer we took a last minute – I mean spontaneous road trip from Colorado to New York to see family. I have reflected on how the trip could be improved in the future if I wanted to do it again. Right now, I do not have plans of doing the trip again. This

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Amache National Historic Site in Colorado

Colorado is home to the newest National Park. The Amache National Historic Site is in Granada, which is about four hours from Denver. This was one of ten incarceration sites established by the War Relocation Authority during World War II to unjustly incarcerate Japanese Americans. There are interpretive panels, self-guided driving and audio tour, and several reconstructed

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The Perfect Trip

States Visited So Far

Colorado We live in Colorado so, yes, we are permanent visitors. We have been as far north as Wyoming, east as Kansas, south as Alamosa, and west as Durango. There are so many places to explore in Colorado that we could never see them all, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Florida It’s been

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